Green Paper on Education

The main thrusts of the Green paper on Education for universities aimed to achieve the following:

  • Improved success and throughput rates
  • More and better research and innovation
  • Improved access for students (expansion and the National Students Financial Aid Scheme(NSFAS)
  • Expanded African language teaching and development into languages of science and academy;
  • Expanding postgraduate outputs and developing the next generation of academics; and
  • An improved funding formula and reversal of backlogs in historically disadvantaged individuals(HDIs).

At Bellville Park Campus, ICT provide various initiatives to support the following strategies which forms part for the main thrusts of the green paper.

- Improve student numbers(Improved access)
CRM is used as a tool to help us understand our pipeline to enable us to market effectively thereby supporting the strategy to increase student numbers.

- Student Retention(Improved success and throughput.
To support this strategy an initiative is underway to build a Business Intellegence framework and platform that will provide insights into student ongoing performance in order timeously intervene to ensure success rates.