Internet (Inetkey)


Internet access can be obtained via any web browser by going to

For access to the internet, keep the webpage ( open at all times.If the page is closed, your internet access will remain open and active for 15 minutes and then disconnect.

To close your internet access, click on the CLOSE button on the Inetkey webpage. If you unintentionally close the page and want to disconnect from the internet, just go back to and Inetkey will disconnect automatically.


You can also download and install the Inetkey application on your Windows or Mac computer:

Click here to download Inetkey for Windows

Click here to download Inetkey for Mac


Thanks to the University's collaboration with SANREN and the implementation of the new Fortiga​te firewall, users on campus can now look forward to lower internet rates and faster, more stable internet. Both these projects were necessary if one takes into consideration that the university's bandwidth usage doubled each year for the past 8 years. In spite of the increase in usage, rates were never increased.

Tariff A @ R0.02: Monday-Friday: 08h00-23h59
Tariff B @ R0.01 : Monday-Friday: 00h00-07h59, as well as Saturdays and Sundays 

The relevant tariff is determined by the day and time the download process was completed.


From the date of registration in 2015 and onwards, credits for internet fees can, apart from keeping up the PAYGO option, also be loaded by means of a quota (similar to the process used for printing credits), and posted to the student fees account.

All registered students who are allowed to have fees for internet usage posted to their student fees accounts, load a quota as follows:

  • Log on to Useradm, where quotas for printings credits are normally loaded:
  • Select Load Internet Money from Student Account
  • Load an internet quota in an available quota amount, e. g. R100, R200, R400, etc.

NB: From 2015 a limit of R1200 per year is set regarding fees for internet usage per quota to be posted to the student fees account. Once the limit is reached, payment will only be possible by PAYGO, and one of the payment options as explained under points 1. and 2. above will then have to be used.​

  • An amount for internet usage will be posted to the student fees account in accordance with the amount in quota that was requested.
  • When the quota is depleted, it can be replenished, subject to the limit above.

Document on Internet usage from 2015.pdf