User Areas

ICT manages a number of public spaces and student areas that offer Wi-Fi hotspots for personal devices, computers, printers, laptop- support, group study areas, and specialized equipment for multimedia projects.

User areas fall in the following categories:

Break-away rooms

How to book a breakaway room:

  • Bookings must be submitted by e-mail.
  • Please send a booking request to Denevene van der Heever (​) supplying the following information:
    • Your Programme Group (e.g. MBA Mod 2016 E1)
    • Date of booking
    • Starting time of session (maximum allowed is 3hrs)
  • Booking must be received before 13:00 on the day before the booking date
  • Booking will be confirmed by e-mail
  • Bookings received before 13:00 will be posted on the notice board at the breakaway rooms.

Open areas

Most of the buildings are covered by a Wi-Fi network​ and we have a BYOD (bring-your-own-device) strategy.

We'll provide you with virtual desktop which you can open on your own device. ​