Password Management

Passwords are an important aspect of computer security and are your electronic key to the Belpark’s network. Username and password for staff will be created at time of appointment and issued during orientation if you are a student. 

For security reasons passwords are set to expire after 90 days. Users will be notified by e- mail to change their password. 
To change or reset your password follow this link​

Setting up a first-time passw
ord or resetting a forgotten password

Click here
to set up a first-time password or reset your password if you have forgotten it.

Tick the box in the CAPTCHA and then click on Continue

Enter your student number and click on Proceed

Choose to receive a One-time PIN via SMS or Email:


Complete the required fields to receive the One-time PIN via SMS or Email:

Once you have received the One-time Pin via SMS or email, enter it in the field provided and then choose a new password.

Take note of the password rules

Click on Submit when you have completed all the field.

Password tips

Your password is the key to your computer and your private information. Don't give out your password and make sure it is not easy to guess and keep it confidential.

When choosing a password, you should avoid using words that appear in the dictionary, words or numbers of personal significance that are easily guessable (such as your birthdate). The longer the password is, the better. 

Important password information:

  1. Your password will expire, and therefore must be changed, every 90 days
  2. You will receive warnings via e-mail about the expiration from 14 days before the 90 day period is over.